Clear Braces & Aligners

6 months clear braces


If you feel self-conscious about your crooked teeth, then Six Month Smiles might be a great option for you to regain your confidence back. Unlike traditional braces which could take 1 to 2 years to complete, Six Month Smiles clear braces will straighten your teeth and correct minor bite issues in just 6 to 9 months. The clear braces system uses tooth-colored wires and brackets, so there won’t be any unsightly metal showing. 

Six Month Smiles also offers clear aligner therapy to straighten teeth if braces aren’t a good fit for you. The aligners are a series of custom fitting trays that move your teeth over time. The greatest advantage to using aligners is that they’re nearly invisible. The aligners can also be removed while eating and brushing which means you won’t need to change how and what you eat or spend extra time flossing.

clear braces


Clear braces are the best option if you want straight teeth fast. While clear braces with the Six Month Smiles system typically take 6 to 9 months to complete, aligners will usually take 9 to 15 months to get the same results. Clear braces are also more affordable than aligners because of the shorter treatment time and lower lab costs. 

Aligners are great if your priorities include comfortable, hassle-free, and almost invisible treatment. With aligners, you won’t have to worry about brackets and wires or be careful with what you eat. 

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