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Are you looking for a clear option for straighter teeth?

If you have less-than-perfect teeth and want to restore your smile, you can turn to Dr. Feng for short-term orthodontic treatment near McKinney, TX. Our Six Month Smiles program allows patients to straighten their teeth in a shorter period than traditional braces, making it a painless and enjoyable experience.

Unlike traditional metal braces that can take as long as two years to complete, Six Month Smiles brings the amount of time it takes to straighten teeth down by about half that. With either clear braces or a clear aligner system, Six Month Smiles can correct minor bite issues and crooked teeth for a healthier smile.

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What is the Six Month Smiles Program?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear brackets and white wires or clear removable aligners to gently apply pressure to teeth, gradually moving them into their aligned position. Whether you choose braces or aligners, they’re typically the best choice for patients who want to make minor orthodontic changes and less on changing your whole smile. Minor orthodontic changes may include straightening portions of your smile, open bites, overbites, crowded and overlapping teeth, gaps in teeth, and rotating teeth.

Since the treatment focuses only on your front teeth, like the ones visible when you laugh, orthodontic treatment times are usually much shorter than with full, traditional metal braces. Treatment time varies depending on the complexity of the case; however, the average time to get straighter teeth with Six Month Smiles is about six to nine months. As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Fairview, Dr. Feng is excited to offer patients the benefits of Six Months Smiles to get straighter teeth!

Should I get clear braces or clear aligners?

Six Month Smiles clear aligners
Six Month Smiles clear braces

Clear braces are the best option if you want straight teeth fast. While clear braces with the Six Month Smiles system typically take six to nine months to complete, aligners usually take nine to fifteen months to get the same results. They are also more affordable than aligners because of the shorter treatment time and lower lab costs.

Straightening teeth with clear aligners is an excellent option if your priorities include comfortable, hassle-free, and almost invisible treatment. With aligners, you will receive a set of aligner trays each time you visit your dentist, where they will gently move your teeth into the proper position. A major benefit to clear aligners is you won’t have to worry about metal brackets and wires or being careful with what you eat.

“[…] I ended up going with clear aligners where the process was pretty straightforward, as I had no trouble at all. After wearing my aligners for a few months, I’m absolutely thrilled with the results as my teeth look great. So happy!” – Richard F. (Feb 2021)

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Health Benefits of Straighter teeth

Malocclusions or misaligned teeth are responsible for placing abnormal stress on the teeth and jaw, setting the stage for many problems. Here are some health benefits to straighten teeth.

Healthier gums – Teeth that are too widely spaced can become uncomfortable, inflamed, and red. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue. It’s a red flag for periodontal disease down the road. 

Easier to clean – Crowded, crooked teeth are much harder to floss and brush, resulting in plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay if not taken care of.

Prevents abnormal tooth wear – Crowded teeth often lead to an inefficient chewing motion, which can eventually cause unnecessary tooth wear.

Improved overall health – Studies have shown that the connection between oral health and whole-body health has been extensively researched and discussed over the past years, and gum disease is directly linked to poor overall health. Keeping straight teeth and gums healthy has an impact on overall health.

Why the Six Month Smiles Treatment?

Before and After with six Month SMiles

Six Month Smiles before and after

Financing Options to Straighter Teeth

Six Month Smiles is a popular option for those looking to shorten their orthodontic treatment time, and it has the added benefit of being less expensive than traditional orthodontics. While Six Month Smiles will not correct every orthodontic condition, it is a practical and reliable solution for patients seeking cosmetic dentistry for a healthy smile. At Sloan Creek Dental, we accept most PPO insurance plans, but in cases where orthodontic treatment is only partially covered, or you do not have insurance coverage, we partnered with CareCredit and LendingPoint, where we offer 0% interest financing options to help offset the out-of-pocket cost.

FAQ - Six Month Smiles

Traditional braces typically take about 18 to 24 months using noticeable metal wires, bands, and brackets. With Six Month Smiles, we use clear brackets and white wires that blend in naturally with your natural teeth. As a result, this method is discreet and virtually unnoticeable. In addition, the treatment process to getting straight teeth is much faster as we focus primarily on the teeth that show when you smile.

Since we are only focusing on the teeth that show, we are able to apply gentle pressure to the teeth to move the teeth more comfortably whereas traditional braces focus on the entire area.

Once the treatment is complete, it is important to protect your investment by wearing a retainer at night. To ensure that your teeth from shifting back into their original positions, you must wear a retainer each night.

The cost of Six Month Smiles treatment will depend on the complexity of your treatment plan. With Six Month Smiles, there are options for every budget and we offer 0% no interest financing options to help every patient get the straight smile they’ve always wanted.

“[…] Dr. Feng and her staff are always attentive, respectful, friendly, and professional with everyone in my family. They took care of me with my cleaning and my clear braces.” – Mark C. (Mar 2021)

Learn More About Cosmetic Braces or Aligners

If you’re looking for a dentist near McKinney, TX to help you with a straighter smile, and have questions about cosmetic invisible orthodontics please call us at our office, and schedule an orthodontic appointment with Dr. Feng. During your initial consultation, Dr. Feng will walk you through your orthodontic treatment options, such as whether Six Month Smiles is a good fit for you, and help you decide whether clear braces or clear aligners will work best.

Contact us today at (972) 468-1440, or schedule an appointment online to get started on getting that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.