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How we treat Cavities with Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Sloan Creek Dental near McKinney, we ensure that every visit is pain-free and worry-free. We use our expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide patients with the most beautiful smiles at an affordable price. We are committed to providing our patients with the most modern treatments available with quality dental care so that they can feel their best.

If you get a cavity and require a dental filling, we offer natural-looking tooth-colored filling made from durable composite material to restore areas of your tooth affected by decay. Our composite fillings provide a beautiful replacement for metal fillings that will make you proud of your smile. For those who are more sensitive to chemicals, we offer BPA-free and fluoride-free options.

Why Sloan Creek Dental for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

We use durable composite material

Personalized dental care

Metal and Mercury Free Materials

What Are Dental Fillings?

Tooth filling (also known as “dental fillings”) is a dental treatment used to repair and strengthen teeth with a cavity. If a filling is required, we will first remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean the entire area, and insert composite dental filling material. The quality filling material that we use is designed to strengthen the tooth structure, allowing for the proper function of chewing. In the event of a tooth cannot be saved, we may recommend the following treatment with a, crown, or in extreme cases, tooth extraction.

How Do Tooth-Colored Restorations Differ From Traditional Silver Fillings?

White Tooth Colored Dental Filling

If you want the durability and strength of a silver filling called amalgam filling but prefer something more invisible, composite resin fillings are an excellent alternative. Tooth-colored-restorations are a straightforward way to match your natural tooth color, unlike silver fillings which can darken over time. With tooth colored fillings, additional benefits include.

  • Natural looking as they blend right in
  • Perfect for patients with metal allergies
  • Less teeth sensitivity is reported with these fillings versus silver amalgam filling

Do you need a Composite filling?

The most common sign that you might need a tooth filling is a toothache, but you can also experience sensitivity to certain temperatures, to pressure, or to sweet foods. However, if you experience throbbing pain when biting or chewing and it doesn’t go away after a couple of days, then you also might need a tooth filling from your dentist.  Sometimes, a visible cavity in your tooth will alert you that a filling is necessary. Here are some signs that indicate a filling may be needed:

  • Dark spots on your teeth
  • A hole you can feel or see in your teeth
  • When your floss tears in a certain spot
  • A rough, chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • A broken or lost filling

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • Preserves more of your natural tooth structure
  • Made from tooth-colored composite resin that is chemically bonded
  • Durable as they’ll last for years
  • Decreases the gap between teeth
  • Designed to protect your teeth

How is a tooth filling done?

Step 1

The dentist will gently numb your mouth — if you’re nervous, ask about sedation options like laughing gas.

Step 2

Relax while decay is carefully removed and the surface of your tooth is prepared. Because you’ll be numb, this process will be pain-free!

Step 3

Once the decay is removed, the composite resin material will be placed into the prepared tooth and chemically bonded, providing a strong permanent restoration.

Step 4

Before you know it, your cavity will be removed and your dental restoration will be all finished.

I Have more questions about my filling

We know you might have a few more questions, so we have some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the question or answer you’re looking for below, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll get your question answered for you as soon as possible!

With proper care such as good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, your dental filling will last as long as seven years, or even longer, giving you a beautiful smile. The factors that affect the longevity of a filling include the material used and how the tooth was prepared for the restoration. In addition to the materials used, other factors affecting the life span of a filling include:

Restoring a decayed tooth before the pain starts is essential because a tooth that is sensitive to heat or sweets can be more of a nuisance and painful if left untreated. If Dr. Feng recommends a filling, she uses a local anesthetic to numb the tissues so that you won’t experience any pain. In fact, you may not even know that we are restoring a decayed tooth until it’s over.

There is no specific number of times that a tooth can be restored. However, we usually stop after the cavity has gotten too big for the tooth. When there is more filling material than natural tooth left in the tooth, the tooth structure is not as strong as it used to be.

It’s important to treat cavities early on, before they become advanced and more complicated. If you neglect a cavity, the damage on the tooth surface will worsen. In addition, the decay will spread and deepen in the tooth, making it easier for your teeth to break or crumble under pressure.

If you lose a dental crown or filling, don’t panic. Although there is no immediate urgency, your dentist may be able to see you sooner than usual. If you’re experiencing any pain, be sure to let your dentist know.

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