Invisalign for Top or Bottom Teeth Only?

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If you have misaligned top teeth and want a straight beautiful smile, then you should consider having Invisalign clear aligners made for you by our team at Sloan Creek Dental in Fairview, TX. At Sloan Creek Dental, we’ll customize your plan to fit your specific needs.

Can You Get Invisalign for Top or Bottom Teeth Only?

Yes, you can use Invisalign to address only your top teeth. While many people use Invisalign to address issues on both their top and bottom teeth, some focus solely on their top or bottom teeth.

If you’re only interested in using Invisalign to straighten your top teeth, then it might be best to consult an orthodontist or dentist first. Most dentists suggest straightening the top teeth only when the jaw is aligned correctly. Because of how Invisalign straightens teeth, it won’t alter the size or position of your jaw. However, if the side alignment is OK, then only straightening your top teeth might be appropriate. During your consultation, your dentist will conduct an exam to see if you would be a good candidate for Invisalign.

Who are Good Candidates for Single Arch Treatments?

To straighten your upper teeth with clear aligners, you must meet a few requirements. During your initial consultation, your dentist will be able to determine whether this course of action is appropriate based on your goals and the current alignment of your teeth. Single-arch dental treatments are only suitable for a small percentage of patients looking to treat minor cosmetic concerns, such as minor spacing, slightly crooked teeth, or a misaligned tooth in the smile zone.

Upper arch clear aligner treatment may not be appropriate if you have a crooked bite, crowded teeth, or an overbite. If the upper teeth aligner does not work for you, the most common treatment is to get Invisalign on both the top and bottom arches of the mouth.

Orthodontic Treatment and the Importance of Occlusion

Keeping your upper and lower arch of teeth appropriately aligned is essential because it affects how you chew food. If your bite is misaligned, you may have trouble eating, cause tooth damage down the road, and experience jaw pain. For example, people with a misaligned bite are more likely to chip their teeth or erode the enamel on them, leading to being prone to cavities in the future.

After your exam, your treatment plan will be based on the bite between your top and bottom teeth. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for clear aligners for your top teeth only, we will create a treatment plan to ensure your natural bite will not be affected by the treatment.

How does a single arch Invisalign treatment work?

Single-arch clear aligners are like double-arch ones, except you only wear your top aligners. The treatment process for both types of aligners is the same. You first start with an exam, X-rays, and impressions to create a custom clear aligner.

To get the best results with Invisalign, you must wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. Wearing the aligners consiently will help you achieve the desired results and help you keep on track with your treatment time. If you don’t wear your aligners as directed, you will delay your treatment timeline, which may result in additional trays. Once you have achieved your ideal results, you will need to wear a retainer for the foreseeable future, as retainers prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

Invisalign Clear Aligner Trays

Treatment Timeline

Most people who get clear aligners to straighten teeth or correct mild cosmetic concerns can expect to see progress in about six months to one year. During this time, you’ll change your aligners every two to three weeks, where each time you change them, your clear plastic aligner tray will slowly move your teeth slightly closer to your final position. Throughout this process, you’ll attend several follow-up appointments so that your dentist can check on the progress of your smile transformation.

Clear Aligner Rules

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Compared to traditional braces, removable aligners are generally easier to care for and get treatments. However, there are several rules you will need to follow.

  • Follow the Invisalign instructions for each aligner change.
  • Don’t chew on your aligners or handle them roughly, as this can cause damage.
  • Clean your aligners regularly to prevent bacteria from building up.
  • Keep your aligner trays in a case when not in use.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Wearing your trays without brushing or flossing your teeth can cause bacteria and plaque to build up, leading to tooth decay or cavities.


The beauty of Invisalign is that you can focus specific aligners on particular teeth. If you have primarily straight teeth except for a few in the smile zone, then it’s possible to create aligners that will only straighten the front teeth.

The price of both traditional metal braces and clear aligners is very similar, with traditional braces being slightly less expensive. However, if the degree of malocclusion is minor and can be corrected quickly without the hassle of traditional braces, a single-arch aligner can help reduce the cost of your Invisalign treatment and decrease the number of aligners you need.

If you have orthodontic coverage in your dental insurance policy, it will most likely cover Invisalign treatment. Depending on your insurance policy, some insurance plans cover up to $3500 for Invisalign treatment. In addition to traditional dental insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts can be used for Invisalign®. We also offer flexible and affordable payment plans to help cover any remaining cost concerns.

Want straighter teeth without braces, consider Invisalign

As your local dentist near the Allen and Fairview areas, we are here to help you with any questions about misaligned teeth, or about how to achieve a healthy smile. If you want to learn more about orthodontic treatment, or have questions about whether a double or single arch treatment will work for you, free to contact us for an initial consultation, and we’ll be happy to help with your orthodontic issues. To schedule your dental cleaning appointment, contact Sloan Creek Dental, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. You can reach us at our Fairview, TX dental office to schedule an in-person consultation with us today – 972-468-1440.

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