Why Back-To-School Dental Checkup Is Important

Back to School Dental Care

Back-to-school season is upon us, and most families have their own back-to-school preparation routines and traditions. These traditions often involve shopping for a new backpack, new school supplies, and new school clothes for the school year. 

At Sloan Creek Dental in Fairview, we recommend that you bring your children to our office for a dental checkup before school starts. We know that when school starts, you’ll be busy with sports and school projects, and it can be a great idea to get your children’s dental appointments out of the way before school begins. This will ensure they have beautiful smiles when school starts!

Why Visiting your Fairview Dentist is important

A child who visits the dentist early in life has a better chance of developing a positive attitude about dental care and dentists. There are many reasons kids should have regular checkups. One important reason is it allows parents to show their children how much they value oral health by taking them to see the dentist regularly. When you visit your family dentist, for your dental checkup, we’ll clean your teeth, remove plaque buildup, and help stop tooth decay from happening with preventive treatments like fluoride varnish or dental sealants.

Secondly, early dental care with a positive experience can help your child have a healthy smile. If tooth decay is left untreated, it will lead to serious oral health problems like cavities, gum disease and even affect their adult teeth. With the assistance of your local dentists near Allen, TX, we offer comprehensive dental checkups for kids every six months, which helps identify any issues early on so they get the proper treatment they need!

Lastly, parents are encouraged and benefit from taking their children to the dentist. When visiting your family dentist regularly, both parents and dental providers benefit from increased communication about a child’s oral hygiene needs/habits. Your dentist may also provide tips on teaching good habits to brush your teeth the right way or flossing properly. These are just a few of the many reasons why children who go to the dentist for dental checkups are important and have better oral health than their peers who don’t.

Importance Of Back-To-School Dental Checkups

  • Prevention – During Dr. Feng’s routine dental cleanings and exams, she’ll be able to spot potential issues in your child’s teeth early and treat them as quickly. By being proactive with your child’s dental care, your child is unlikely to miss school for a dental appointment and prevent future dental problems.
  • Avoid missing school – Dental problems and procedures can result in missing school without proper dental care. Dental cavities are also the most common dental issue a child may experience. However, cavities can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene and taking your child to your dentist near you every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Keep your child’s teeth clean to avoid school absences.
  • Avoid missing school – Dental problems and procedures can result in missing school without proper dental care. Dental cavities are also the most common dental issue a child may experience. However cavities can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene and taking your child to your dentist near you at least once every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Keep your child’s teeth clean to avoid school absences.
  • Healthy smile, healthy you – Research has shown that good dental health is linked to good overall health. Poor diet, lack of oral hygiene can cause cavity and tooth decay. By taking care of your overall health and having proper oral hygiene, you and your child will have a happy and healthy smile.
Happy kid with big smile

Frequent Dental Visits Means Early Treatment & Less Money on Dental Care

Some parents believe that a back-to-school dental exam or checkup is too expensive. However, that’s hardly the case. Back-to-school checkups are the best way to save money over the long term. Your family dentist will identify any dental concerns early enough when bringing your child to their dental checkup. If there are any dental issues, it is likely to be minor during the early stage, so the treatment cost will be a lot less than treating a major dental concern.

Maintaining your Childs Healthy Smile

A child’s oral health depends on their routine care at home. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends two visits to the dentist per year. Depending on the child’s age and other factors, the parents will have to take responsibility for maintaining good oral health. Here are some ways parents can make sure their children avoid cavities and other dental diseases.

  • Regular brushing and flossing – Brushing your teeth and flossing are the most important things you can do for proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride will keep cavities away while flossing regularly removes plaque from between the tight spaces in your teeth. When flossing, using waxed floss will help scrape off tough food particles left behind after eating. Don’t forget to change toothbrushes every three months as they wear down.
  • Eating a healthy diet – Although you cannot always control what your child eats, it is possible to provide healthy meal alternatives at home. Providing a nutritious meal or snack can ensure your child has a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and nutrients.
  • Limit sugar intake – Too many children are affected by sugar-related oral problems. The problem is so widespread that it has become difficult to ignore, and parents should take precautions for their children not to suffer tooth decay or cavities. 
Importance of back to school dental care


Even if your child has been to the dentist before, there are some questions you should ask to ensure that they have the best dental care from your family dentist.

  • After their exam, ask the dentist about your child’s overall dental health and what he/she has discovered. Did they find any cavities? Has there been an issue with teeth alignment or problems with biting down on food properly? A dentist will examine these things during a check-up for you to get more information before deciding which treatment is best.
  • Ask whether your child will need dental x-rays taken during their back-to-school dental check-up. This is important because it can detect any unintentional orthodontic issues or tooth decay that may be developing without you knowing about it!
  • What are dental sealants? Does my Child Need Them? Dental sealants may be an option to help prevent cavities in your child’s teeth. But they can’t replace regular flossing and brushing. A sealant, which is a thin protective coating that’s made of safe dental materials, can be applied by your dentist to the chewing surfaces on your child’s permanent rear teeth (known as molars). Sealants prevent bacteria and food bits from entering the spaces that your child can’t reach with his toothbrush. This prevents the formation of cavities and keeps existing decay spots from becoming worse.
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Your Child Needs a Dental Checkup At Least Twice a Year

Your back-to-school dental check-up is the perfect opportunity to improve your child’s health and happiness as they enter a new school year. In one routine cleaning appointment, we can give them all of these great benefits: clean teeth, tooth decay prevention, sealants (to help protect against cavities), fluoride treatments, x-rays if needed, and more! Call us today as summer break will be over before you know it.

Schedule Your Kids' Back-to-School Dental Visit in Fairview

A smile is a powerful thing, and if your child smiles often, then it’s likely because they have happy, healthy teeth. It’s never too early to start teaching them the basics of good oral hygiene habits like brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice every day for two minutes and flossing once per day. By visiting your dental professional at least twice a year and preventative dental care as mentioned above, these simple dental routines will keep even the littlest mouths clean!

If you have any questions about your child’s dental cleaning, want to learn more about our family dentistry, or schedule a dental appointment at our office, please contact our office at 972-468-1440 or leave us a message. We see kids of all ages, and we look forward to seeing you!

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