Why Preventative Dental Care is Important

Why Preventative Dental Care is Important

As a dentist providing dental care in the Allen and Fairview area, we understand that some people have dental fears that bring anxiety and dread. Our goal is to make your visit with us pleasant and relaxing while providing the best care possible. With our experienced and compassionate team has been providing exceptional dental care for over many years.

Preventative dental care such as regular dental checkups can save a person a lot of time, is critical to your long-term health, prevent dental problems, and can save you money in the long run. If you schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups with your dental expert, your dentist can help you develop an individualized oral health plan just for you. Continue to read to see why preventative dental care is important.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is the best way to protect your oral health from cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and many other dental concerns. It’s a combination of regular dental check-ups, professional cleaning, developing good habits like brushing and flossing, and getting braces if necessary. Taking care of your teeth starts early in childhood and, if established at an early age, it extends throughout adulthood.


As much as brushing your teeth is an essential step for excellent oral hygiene, patients need to have a dental check-up from time to time with their dentist to ensure they are maintaining optimal oral health. With regular checkups with a dentist, they’ll let you know if you have any developing dental conditions—such as a cracked tooth or tooth decay—so they can be taken care of before they get worse.

Preventive care saves You time and money

There are many reasons people put off going to the dentist. Some people avoid seeing the dentist to save some money or time. However, by seeing the dentist regularly, you’re able to avoid tooth decay or other dental concerns that require extensive care, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Leaving tooth decay to grow and spread will only get worse without proper dental treatment.

What if you could just get the care you need, at no extra cost? Instead of paying for expensive emergency dental procedures, why not go for a simple appointment with our dentist? We can help you maintain your oral health before any complications arise. Protect your smile by going to a dentist early on. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to keep your teeth in tip-top shape!


If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of products available at your local store, then it’s time to make a dental appointment. You’ll find that there are many types of toothbrushes and toothpaste; but not all ingredients may be suitable for certain conditions or preferences. Your dentist can guide you in choosing appropriate oral hygiene products by reviewing your dental health history and current needs before suggesting. We can also provide information about how best to use them, such as brushing technique (especially if they have sensitive teeth) and diet recommendations like cutting back sugar intake which can lead to cavities!

Get your social life back

Maintaining a healthy smile can have profound effects on your life. There’s nothing like having fresh breath and teeth that are straight to make you feel confident in every area of your personal, social, or professional lives. Sometimes all it takes is just seeing your dentist twice a year and we’ll make sure your oral health is in good standing.

Why Preventative care is Important

Did you know that your poor oral health can lead to deadly conditions like heart attacks and strokes? Preventative dental checkups are a simple way of getting early detection for dangerous diseases such as oral cancer. Early detection is the key to overcoming any illness. Make an appointment with your dentist for a preventive dental checkup today, so that you can be ready when it comes time to treating any dental issues before they become bigger and costlier problems. 

One of the most effective ways to prevent oral disease is by practicing good dental hygiene. Your dentist will also be able to give you tips for keeping your mouth healthy around your home and at work such as brushing away from the gum line, using mouthwash after, and other helpful tips.

Ready to see the dentist?

We’re aware of the importance and benefits of dental care than ever before. But there is still a lot left to be desired when it comes down to action! It’s important for us to stay vigilant about our teeth and when done properly, preventive dentistry will help keep your mouth, teeth, and overall well being in good standing.

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