Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting A Dental Implant

If you recently had a tooth removed at Sloan Creek Dental, you are probably looking forward to getting your tooth replaced as soon as you can. Despite your good intentions, you somehow find yourself delaying the procedure for another day, another month, or even another year because other priorities get in the way. But Dr. Tina Feng is here to tell you getting your tooth replaced should be one of your top priorities. It would be best if you didn’t postpone getting a dental implant for several reasons, and some of those reasons are more important than you may think.

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Getting A Dental Implant

1. Waiting Could Lower Your Confidence

Let’s begin with an obvious and visible reason. 

If you have a missing tooth, you are probably self-conscious about it–even if it’s a space no one else can see. Confidence is about how you present yourself, after all, so if you know the area is there, it’s likely taking a toll on your self-esteem.

2. Your Teeth May Move

Teeth are fascinating in that they like to be in contact with the teeth around them. Biting forces keep your teeth from doing something called supra-erupting. Supra-eruption happens when the tooth above or below the space starts growing into where the tooth is missing. Basically, the tooth opposing the one that was removed can grow longer because it is no longer in function.

Also, the teeth on either side of the space may drift into the opening. Drifting of the neighboring teeth could cause them to have root exposure, bone loss, and gum recession. Furthermore, the drifting and shifting of neighboring and opposing teeth will make it more difficult (sometimes, even impossible) to place an implant in the area that is missing the tooth.

Teeth missing may result result in teeth moving

3. Your Jawbone Can Deteriorate

Jawbone deteriorating

Jaw deterioration is the most crucial reason why you should not delay getting a dental implant. The roots of your teeth are anchored to your jawbone, basically solidifying and securing the jawbone. When a tooth and its support system (roots) are missing, your jawbone will start to deteriorate in that area. If this were to happen, getting a dental implant may require a bone graft and other procedures to replace the missing bone. A bone graft is a costly step that will also increase the duration of the dental implant process.

4. Missing A Tooth Will Be Uncomfortable

When was the last time you remember being able to bite into a juicy piece of fruit or chew a delicious steak on either side of your mouth? If you have been dealing with your tooth gap, you probably learned to live with it. You probably figured out how to avoid hard foods, chew on the other side of your mouth, and maybe even cover your smile when you laugh. But that isn’t the way it should be. Missing a tooth is not an ideal quality of life for anyone, and you won’t realize how troublesome that space is until you have the tooth replaced with an implant. 

5. Your Face May Change

Yes, that’s right, your face might change. When a jawbone deteriorates, it ends up leaving space between your teeth and the insides of your cheek. This can result in a sunken or shorter appearance to your face which will make you look older

If you are experiencing any of the above or would prefer to prevent any of these things from happening, don’t delay getting your dental implant any longer. 

Dental Implants At Sloan Creek Dental

The dental implant process is different at Sloan Creek Dental because our office is laser-equipped. Using the Lightwalker handpiece has opened new doors when performing traditional dental procedures as minimally invasive as possible.

To achieve a successful dental implant, it must be stable and immobile, and we have just the laser to do that. The Lightwalker laser helps remove infectious tissue from the inflamed surface, stimulate the bone, and neutralize implant contaminants, which creates a more secure environment for a successful dental implant. 

Dental Implant at Sloan Creek Dental

Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you are ready to take the next step to get your dental implant and would like to schedule an appointment at Sloan Creek Dental, we would be happy to help. Our office is conveniently located for the Fairview, Allen, and McKinney, TX neighborhoods,  and we would be glad to set up a visit and to go over the cost of dental implants. 

Besides dental implants, Dr. Feng would love to be a part of your dental journey, whether that is coming in for your 6-month cleaning and check-up, laser teeth whitening, and restorative dental work. We are proud to serve our communities for all of their adult cosmetic dentistry needs.


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