Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite

Sloan Creek Dental is thrilled to announce that our dental office has been nominated as a “Neighborhood Favorite” by Nextdoor for 2023! This recognition holds special significance for us as it is a testament to the trust and support we have cultivated within our local community. Being nominated for such an honor reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional dental care and building lasting relationships with our neighbors. We are immensely grateful to all our patients and Nextdoor users who have nominated and supported us. Join us as we celebrate this achievement and continue serving our Fairview and Allen, TX community with the highest standard of dental care.

This is what the CEO of Nextdoor says about Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Faves. – “Neighbors know best, and Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Faves are the only annual awards celebrating the businesses that are most loved by locals. This prestigious recognition is only awarded to 1% of the local businesses on Nextdoor and is a testament to the positive impact they have had on their community,” said Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar.”

What is Nextdoor?

If you’re unfamiliar with Nextdoor, it’s a community-focused social networking site designed to build stronger, safer, and happier neighborhoods through collaborative efforts. Users can readily find a last-minute babysitter, track down a lost pet, find a dentist recommended by your neighbors, or share community-centric safety advice. Consequently, our team takes immense pride in knowing that our efforts have culminated in a trusted standing within the Allen Fairview, TX community.

Our Reviews from Nextdoor

Linda – “Sloan dental in Fairview. She’s awesome! Just had oral surgery. So kind and gentle.”

Tammy – “We love Sloan Creek Dental in Fairview. Dr. Tina Feng is amazing. My son has anxiety and she is so patient with him. She has great office staff and they make you feel so comfortable. I personally enjoy watching the tv on the ceiling with headphones. It keeps my mind off the drilling.”

Kerry – “Sloan Creek Dental. 972-468-1440. I am a baby when it comes to having shots. Depending on what you need they at Sloan Creek can sometimes laser. No shots required and it’s painless. They also have nitrous oxide to relax you. Never has a dentist ever been a better experience for me. They are totally honest and don’t do any work that doesn’t need to be done.”

Alicia – “Sloan Creek dental, Tina Feng is awesome. I’m deathly afraid of dentists, and she’s the only one I trust after visiting nearly every dentist in Allen.”

Thank you!

Patient Waiting Area - Sloan Creek Dental Fairview, TX

To all those who have ardently endorsed Sloan Creek Dental, we extend our warmest gratitude for your precious recommendations to friends, family, and neighbors. We additionally wish to extend our hearty congratulations to other local businesses who have made the list this year. Our thanks to the wonderful community of the Allen Fairview community!