Root Canal Therapy in Fairview, TX

Restore and preserve your natural smile

Transforming discomfort into relief, ensuring dental health

The nerve of a tooth can get irritated typically due to long-standing decay or an incident of trauma. Sometimes, the nerve irritation is mild which allows the tooth to heal on its own without treatment. At other times, the tooth nerve becomes damaged to the point where treatment is necessary to get rid of the infection and pain.  

During a root canal treatment, the nerve is cleaned from the tooth and the remaining spaces are filled with special bacteria-inhibiting materials. This allows the infection to heal and alleviate any painful symptoms. 

Root Canal Therapy

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Therapy

At Sloan Creek Dental, we use our advanced Fotona Lightwalker laser during root canal treatments to more effectively eliminate bacteria from the nerve spaces. The SWEEPS (shock wave enhanced emission photoacoustic streaming) technology provides better treatment outcomes due to its improved root canal cleaning methods. 

Many people get nervous whenever they hear the words “root canal”. But with our modern equipment and years of experience, root canal therapies now take less time and are completed with less pain. Don’t let a dental infection that can be easily treated affect your overall health and well-being! Schedule an appointment today to speak with our experienced dentist to learn more about options to improve your oral health.