Transitioning to Invisalign: A Seamless Journey Post Smile Direct Club Closure

If you were undergoing treatment with Smile Direct Club and are now uncertain about your options due to their unexpected closure, don’t worry. Invisalign can be a great alternative for continuing your journey towards achieving the perfect smile. With the help of your Fairview dentist, we can assess your current alignment, address any remaining orthodontic concerns, and guide you through the process of transitioning to Invisalign. This personalized care promises to be a seamless and empowering experience, opening doors to advanced orthodontic treatment and helping you achieve your oral health and aesthetic goals.

The Necessity of Transitioning

The abrupt shutdown of Smile Direct Club has understandably left many of its customers feeling uncertain about the future of their teeth-straightening journey. However, this situation presents an opportunity to consider Invisalign, a company that has long been a pioneer in the field of clear aligner technology, with a proven track record of transforming smiles around the world. By switching to Invisalign, you can ensure that your journey towards a straighter smile doesn’t come to an abrupt halt, but rather evolves into a more personalized and effective treatment plan.

Understanding the Differences

While both Smile Direct Club and Invisalign strive towards the same goal of providing straight teeth and correcting misaligned bites, there are fundamental differences in their approach and technology that benefit the latter:

  • Personalized Care: Unlike Smile Direct Club’s predominantly remote consultation model, Invisalign treatments are overseen by dental professionals through in-person visits. This hands-on approach ensures that any adjustments needed throughout your treatment are timely and accurately addressed.
  • Advanced Technology: Invisalign treatments employ state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, allowing for precise measurements and a custom-fit aligner, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment process.
  • Treatment Scope: Invisalign’s aligners are crafted from a patented material designed to treat a wide range of dental issues, from simple straightening to more complex bite problems, making it a suitable option regardless of how far along you are in your Smile Direct Club treatment.

The Transition Process: A Smooth Switch?

Many people might find the idea of switching to a new treatment in the middle of their progress quite daunting. However, transitioning from Smile Direct Club to Invisalign is a straightforward and effortless process. Dental professionals who specialize in Invisalign treatments have the necessary skills to make this change smooth. They will first conduct an initial consultation to evaluate your current progress, followed by 3D scans, and create a customized treatment plan that picks up where Smile Direct Club left off.

Deep into Your SmileDirectClub Treatment?

If you’re worried that switching to Invisalign might increase your treatment time, particularly if you’re already well into your Smile Direct Club treatment, rest assured. Invisalign’s efficiency and the expertise of its network of dentists mean that any remaining misalignments can be directly addressed, often without significantly extending the treatment period. Your new Invisalign aligners will be designed to continue the progress made with Smile Direct Club, transitioning smoothly and possibly even accelerating the pace towards achieving your ideal smile.

The Essential First Step: Checking for Any Remaining Bite Issues

Continuing your orthodontic treatment with Invisalign requires a comprehensive evaluation of your current oral state, especially to examine any unresolved bite issues. If you leave bite problems unaddressed, it may lead to several complications, such as difficulty chewing, jaw pain, and uneven wear on your teeth. When switching to Invisalign, you can benefit from its advanced 3D imaging technologies, which accurately assess your oral structure. This ensures that any previous inconsistencies are identified and incorporated into your new, tailored treatment plan.

What to Look For:

  • Overbite or Underbite: An assessment will reveal if your upper teeth excessively overlap the lower teeth (overbite) or vice versa (underbite), requiring corrections for a balanced bite.
  • Crossbite: Crossbite issues, where some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth when biting down, can also be efficiently identified.
  • Open Bite: If your front teeth don’t touch when your mouth is closed, this identifies an open bite that needs addressing.

The beauty of transitioning to Invisalign lies in the precision with which these issues can be diagnosed and treated, ensuring your journey to a perfect smile is based on a foundation of optimal oral health and functionality.

Addressing Concerns with Misaligned Teeth

Following the identification of bite issues, the next step in your transition involves tackling any concerns with misaligned teeth. Misaligned or crooked teeth are not only a cosmetic concern but can also contribute to oral health problems, such as uneven wear on tooth enamel and difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene, leading to an increased risk of cavities and gum diseases.

Invisalign’s treatment process stands out for its customized approach. Each aligner is specifically designed to make incremental adjustments, guiding your teeth into their ideal position with precision. Moreover, the ability to visually monitor progress through regular in-person check-ups allows for adjustments to be made as needed, ensuring the treatment is as efficient as possible.

The Invisalign Advantage:

  • Customization: Invisalign aligners are designed from precise 3D scans of your mouth, ensuring a fit that perfectly accommodates your unique dental structure.
  • Visibility: Through regular consultations, your dental professional can closely monitor the movement of your teeth, making necessary alterations to the treatment plan to accommodate any unforeseen challenges.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Invisalign aligners are renowned for their comfort, significantly reducing the discomfort associated with traditional orthodontic adjustments.


The process usually starts with a consultation with an Invisalign-trained dentist or orthodontist to assess your current oral health and smile journey. During this appointment, they will review your dental and orthodontic care history, take digital scans of your teeth, and discuss your smile goals. If you decide to proceed, they will create a personalized treatment plan and order your custom Invisalign aligners.

Previous treatment with Smile Direct Club does not typically impact your eligibility for Invisalign. However, your dentist or orthodontist will need to evaluate the current state of your teeth and oral health to ensure that Invisalign is still the best option for achieving your dream smile. They will consider any changes or orthodontic care you have already received and how it has affected your dental structure.

Invisalign is adept at addressing a wider array of orthodontic concerns compared to Smile Direct Club due to its ability to apply more complex movements and adjustments. This includes correcting more severe cases of misalignment, bite issues (such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite), and overcrowding. Invisalign’s technology and customized treatment plans, developed with in-person 

The cost of transitioning to Invisalign varies depending on individual treatment needs and goals. However, investing in Invisalign offers the advantage of personalized, professional dental care, ensuring the best outcomes for your oral health and smile.

Yes, many patients report significant improvements in both the appearance and health of their smile post-transition. Invisalign’s customized treatment plans and professional oversight contribute to achieving optimal results.

Making the Switch: A New Chapter For Your Smile

Transitioning to Invisalign aligner treatment from Smile Direct Club isn’t just about continuing treatment; it’s an opportunity to utilize superior aligners that may offer a more comprehensive and detailed path to your desired smile. With personalized treatment plans, regular dentist visits, and cutting-edge technology, the switch to Invisalign is not a setback—it’s a leap forward in your smile transformation journey toward a straighter, healthier smile.

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