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Embracing cutting-edge dental technology is a hallmark of Dr. Feng’s commitment to providing exceptional patient care. With a passion for staying ahead in her field, Dr. Feng has taken a significant step by incorporating the innovative iTero intraoral scanner into her practice. The iTero scanner isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a gateway to a more streamlined and comfortable dental experience. By harnessing the power of this remarkable technology, Dr. Feng aims to elevate your dental journey, making the path to a healthier and more captivating smile smoother and more efficient than ever before.

What Is the Itero Scanner

The iTero scanner is a revolutionary radiation-free laser wand that quickly and accurately takes 3D digital impressions of a patient’s teeth. This advanced technology has transformed the dental industry by allowing dentists to capture complete and precise scans in minutes. The wand, is designed to effortlessly move around the patient’s mouth, capturing thousands of images along the way.

Using advanced software, these images are then meticulously assembled into an accurate, three-dimensional digital representation of the patient’s teeth. This process enhances accuracy and significantly reduces appointment times, making it highly convenient for patients needing dental work.

One of the remarkable features of the iTero scanner lies in its versatility. It serves as a vital tool for various dental applications. For instance, it plays a pivotal role in the design of crowns and bridges, allowing for precise restorations of damaged teeth. Additionally, its unmatched capabilities make it particularly indispensable for orthodontic purposes, working seamlessly with Invisalign treatment.

Benefits of Using the Itero Scanner

Using the Itero scanner can provide many benefits. With the use of optical and laser scanning, this advanced digital scanner allows for precise dental impressions with the help of 3D imaging technology. This enables dentists to have a more accurate view of their patient’s mouth when viewing the 3D model, making it easier to diagnose and plan treatment while providing greater comfort for patients.

Accurate Impressions:
Captures 3D digital impressions with exceptional accuracy.
Provides a highly detailed and precise representation of the patient’s teeth.

Comfort and Convenience:
Radiation-free laser wand is painless and comfortable for patients.
Reduces the discomfort associated with traditional impression methods.
Quick scanning process minimizes the time patients spend in the chair.

Using a digital scanning system rapidly captures complete scans within minutes.
Reduces appointment times for patients requiring dental procedures.
Full arch scans can be taken in as little as 60 seconds.

Versatility in Dental Applications:
Essential tool for designing crowns and bridges with precise measurements.
Crucial for orthodontic treatments, especially in collaboration with Invisalign.
Supports a wide range of dental procedures with accurate digital impressions.

Improved Treatment Planning:
Enables dental professionals to create customized treatment plans based on accurate digital models.
Facilitates better communication between dentists, orthodontists, and lab technicians.

Minimized Errors and Adjustments:
Reduces the likelihood of inaccuracies seen in traditional impression methods.
Fewer errors mean fewer adjustments, resulting in a smoother treatment process.

Enhanced Patient Experience:
Patients experience less discomfort during impressions.
Faster treatment planning and reduced wait times lead to higher patient satisfaction.

Digital Record Keeping:
Creates digital images of patient impressions for reference and comparison.
Facilitates easy sharing of data with other dental professionals if needed.

Reduced Material Waste:
Eliminates the need for physical impression materials, reducing environmental impact.
No need for material disposal, contributing to a more eco-friendly dental practice.

The Process of Taking Scans with the iTero Scanner

With the iTero Element scanner, you can easily take scans for precise dental impressions. The scanning process is comfortable and quick, as it utilizes a handheld wand to capture detailed images of the inside of the mouth. This intraoral scanner significantly enhances patient experiences compared to traditional methods since it’s faster, more accurate, and more convenient. Furthermore, there’s no need for messy molds or uncomfortable trays that require a lengthy set-up time. Here’s a general process when taking scans with the Itero scanner.

Once you’re seated in the chair, we move the wand around your mouth, capturing a sequence of images in real time crafting a detailed 3D digital model of your teeth and gums. This process is quick and easy, serving as an alternative to traditional impression methods. Unlike trays filled with messy materials, the iTero scanner ensures a mess-free and comfortable experience. The images captured by the iTero scanner provide us with a precise view of your oral structures. This allows us to plan and discuss your treatment options more effectively. In just a matter of minutes, the scanning process is complete. You can see the 3D model of your teeth on the screen, and we can discuss any observations or treatment recommendations right then and there.

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Different Treatments Leveraging iTero Scanning Technology

The iTero scan technology is a versatile tool that finds applications in various dental treatments, ensuring accuracy and precision. Some of the key treatments that utilize the intraoral scan include:

  1. Invisalign Aligners: The iTero scan is widely used in creating custom Invisalign aligners. It replaces the traditional method of physical impressions, offering a more comfortable and accurate way to capture the shape of your teeth for crafting personalized aligners.
  2. Orthodontic Treatment Planning: iTero scans provide orthodontists with detailed 3D impressions of your teeth, allowing for thorough treatment planning. This technology aids in designing braces or other orthodontic devices with exact specifications.
  3. Restorative Dentistry: For procedures like dental crowns, bridges, and veneers, the iTero scan ensures precise measurements and fits. It helps create restorations that seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.
  4. Implant Planning: When planning dental implant procedures, accurate measurements are crucial. The iTero scan aids in precisely determining the implant size and position, ensuring successful outcomes.
  5. Monitoring Dental Health: Digital scans can help dentists monitor changes in your dental health over time. This is particularly useful in tracking the progression of orthodontic treatment or identifying issues early.
  6. Cosmetic Dentistry: Whether you’re considering teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures, the iTero scan assists in creating tailored treatment plans for achieving your desired smile enhancements.
  7. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Analysis: For patients with TMJ concerns, an iTero scan can provide valuable insights into jaw alignment and bite dynamics, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  8. Sleep Apnea Treatment: For individuals with sleep apnea, the iTero scan can assist in creating customized oral appliances that help alleviate the condition’s symptoms.

Is iTero Scanning Safe?

The iTero scanner is safe and poses no risks to patients or dental professionals. Its advanced technology uses scanning to create a detailed 3D image of your teeth, allowing for safer and more accurate treatment plans. With this cutting-edge technology, you can trust that you are in good hands with practitioners with access to this state-of-the-art scanning system. Not only does the iTero scanner make treatments quicker and more efficient, but it also ensures that your teeth are being treated with the utmost care and accuracy. This helps ensure that all procedures are done correctly the first time, reducing any possible complications during future visits or treatments.

“Overall the best dental experience I’ve ever had! I’d have to say that Sloan Creek exceeded my expectations, as both Dr. Feng and her dental assistant Anthony who did my x-rays, cleaning, polishing, and molding for whitening trays were very skilled and accommodating. I was relaxed during the entire process and very satisfied with the results. [ ]” 
Nicholas O. (Jan 2022)

Common iTero Questions

Traditional dental impressions can be messy, uncomfortable, and less accurate. Meanwhile, the Itero Scanner provides more detailed and accurate models of a patient’s dental structure. The process is faster, convenient, and the outcome enables the orthodontist to create a highly personalised

An intraoral scan is a valuable tool utilized to generate impressions of the teeth and gums, aiding in the design of various dental and orthodontic treatment plans. This advanced technology is specifically advantageous for patients who often struggle with traditional impressions, including those with smaller jaw sizes, those who encounter difficulty in nasal breathing, or those with a highly sensitive gag reflex. Regardless of the dental service required, utilizing intraoral scanning helps your dentist in delivering the most accurate and efficient treatment, ensuring you receive the best care available!

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