Your Invisalign Experience with the iTero Scanner

Traditionally, dental impressions were crafted using putty-like materials to form molds of your teeth and gums. While this method is still employed in many dental offices, some have evolved to adopt cutting-edge technology, utilizing digital scanners to produce precise 3D scans of your teeth and gums. In this post, our Fairview dentist will shed some light on the benefits of an Invisalign scan, how this type of digital scanning technology works, and what to expect during the process so that you can take charge of your oral health for that perfect smile.

Key Takeaways

  • Invisalign scan is a technology used for orthodontic treatment planning.
  • Digital impressions provides an accurate scan of the teeth, and offers a more comfortable and efficient experience compared to traditional molds.

What Is an Invisalign Scan

An Invisalign scan is a state of the art technology used to capture digital images of someone’s teeth and create a detailed treatment plan for orthodontic treatment. This advanced scanning process uses 3D imaging to help create custom-fit aligners designed to perfectly fit over the individual’s teeth and move them into their desired position. The scan can provide the dentist with pictures of the person’s mouth and detailed information about how their teeth need to be moved to achieve the best results from their treatment. By using this technology, dentists can provide faster and more precise treatments that result in better outcomes for patients who require orthodontic care.

Benefits of an iTero Scanner

Patients who choose this orthodontic treatment have the advantage of being able to use digital technologies and tools that are designed to give them accurate results. With a digital impression or intraoral scanner, Align Technology provides precise measurements for creating custom aligners. This method is more comfortable for patients and more efficient than traditional methods. As a result, patients can get their desired results faster and with less hassle.

What to Expect During an Invisalign Scan

The first step to your invisalign treatment is to take a detailed 3D image of your teeth and jaw with the iTero scanner. This digital scan is a goop-free dental scan that produces high-definition and high-resolution photos.

Using the the iTero Scanner, your dentist will gently move it in front of your mouth and jaw, capturing numerous images of your teeth. The interactive image allows for a close inspection of your teeth and jaw structure, helping to create an accurate treatment plan. Once your scan is complete, the dentist can review the interactive 3D model to make any necessary adjustments before beginning treatment with Invisalign aligners.

After an Invisalign Scan: What's Next?

Invisalign Smile

Once the scan is complete, your next step will be to discuss with your doctor the adjustments that need to be made before beginning treatment. As part of the Invisalign process, your dentist will review the digital scan and use a 3D treatment planning process to decide what custom aligners are best for you. In addition, your dentist will also review the financial details of your treatment plan, including the cost of the aligners, any insurance coverage, and available payment options. This ensures that you clearly understand the financial aspect of your Invisalign journey, allowing you to make informed decisions about your oral health.

Digital impressions versus putty Traditional Dental Impressions

Two main types of impressions are used—digital and physical. Digital impressions use a scanning device, like an iTero scanner, to capture real time images of your teeth, while putty dental impressions involve pressing gooey material against your teeth to create a mold. Both are accurate and reliable ways of creating an impression of your mouth before getting fitted with Invisalign. However, digital impressions are often faster and more accurate than putty dental impressions, making them more convenient for busy patients who want to get Invisalign as quickly as possible. Ultimately, both options work, although most patients will generally prefer digital impressions vs traditional impressions.

Digital Scanning for Invisalign at Sloan Creek Dental

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At Sloan Creek Dental, you can take comfort in knowing that we’re dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology for your orthodontic care. When you embark on your Invisalign journey at our office, you won’t have to endure the discomfort of those outdated, messy impressions from the past. Instead, you’ll enjoy the ease and precision afforded by the state-of-the-art iTero Element digital scanner, ensuring your experience is both comfortable and highly accurate.

If you’re in the Fairview Allen area and want to straighten teeth for a beautiful smile, contact us today to see if Invisalign clear aligners is for you can contact us at our Fairview, TX dental office to schedule your initial consultation at 972-468-1440.