8 Tips To Prepare Your Childs First Dental Visit

Family going to the dentist

You want the very best for your child in all aspects of life, and their dental care is no exception. As a parent, it can be tricky sometimes getting them excited about brushing their teeth and flossing, or having them not be afraid of their dental checkup.

That’s where Sloan Creek Dental comes in. As a family dental practice providing dental care near Allen and Fairview, we have some great tips on how to get kids excited about being proactive with their dental oral care and their first dental visit to the dentist.


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see their family dentist by age 1. Early dental visits allow dentists to make sure that a child’s oral development is on track and helps them get comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist at such an early age.

Fun ways to intorduce oral health to kids

If you want your child to start off on the right foot with a healthy smile, it’s important that their first dental visit to the dentist is a positive one. Not only does visiting your dentist at a young age start them on a healthy dental regimen, early dental checkups help prevent cavities and tooth decay. That’s why our dental office near Allen and Fairview is committed to making our office kid and family friendly.

To introduce your child the idea of visiting the dentist for the first time, here are some fun ways you can try at home to get your child to think about dental wellness.

Books about going to the dentist

Teaching your child how to have positive experiences at the dentist can start with reading books about going to the dentist. Books about visiting the dentist can introduce what the dentist will do during an exam in a kid friendly way. The best part? This will give both you and your kid an opportunity to bond as well as help calm any fears they might have before visiting the dentist.

Here are 3 of our favorite books about going to the dentist.

Emphasize the Importance of Healthy Teeth

Dental care is an important aspect in dentistry for kids. Some may think that just because they have baby teeth, they don’t need to worry about getting cavities or it’s only a problem for adults. However, kids of all ages need regular cleanings and checkups with their dentist in order to maintain healthy teeth as they grow through the developmental stages from toddlers to adulthood. Regular visits will catch potential problems like early tooth decay before they become big ones later on.

Get Excited!

Studies have shown that children tend to mimic adult behaviors because children are sensitive to their surroundings. What you say, how you act, and even your facial expressions can have a big influence on what they believe or how they feel about something.

It’s important to stay positive around your children when it comes to going to the dentist. If you show fear or skepticism, they will hear and feel that from a mile away! However, by being excited or positive towards your dental appointment, they’ll share the same positive attitude as yours.

Dental Themed Activities

Your child likely has a favorite character that they love to watch or read about, and this is an excellent tool for when you’re trying to prepare them for their first trip to the dentist. By seeing their favorite character engaged in brushing their teeth or flossing, it can help them get excited for their dental exam.

Another way to prepare your child for the dentist is to paint the dental experience by playing pretend dentist. Touching and examining your kids’ teeth and mouth while playing pretend dentist might make them more comfortable to go to the dentist. Be sure to explain why they need this type of checkup too! Kids often think that dentists only fix problems or take out rotten decayed teeth; parents can teach the facts about how keeping their teeth healthy is important for chewing food properly and preventing cavities.


One of the most important habits for children to learn is brushing their teeth and why they need to go to the dentist. To make this process more engaging, try playing a short video from Youtube as they brush their teeth. Practicing proper oral hygiene with fun songs will help them remember good brushing habits as well!

Fun Home Activities

Dental health activities for kids are an essential way to teach children how important it is to take care of their teeth. With so many fun and creative options available, there’s a perfect activity out there just waiting to be discovered! Here are some great ideas/activities on how to make dental health fun with toddlers from The Kindergarten Connection.

Cartoon Shows of Going to the Dentist

Kids like TV and there are plenty of dental-themed episodes of kid programs. It’s a great way to introduce and answer questions your child may have as you watch the show together. Here are 2 of our favorites, The Berenstain Bears – Visit The Dentist and Daniel Tiger – Daniel Gets His Teeth Cleaned.

Take Your Child to Your Dental Appointments

We know that going to the dentist can be a scary time for kids. What better way is there to introduce them than bringing them on your own cleaning visit?

At your dental appointment, Dr. Feng and her team will explain in a kid friendly manner of the importance of good oral hygiene and what happens during a dental checkup. Once the child realizes how going to the dentist is a safe environment, they’ll be familiar with the dentist and be less anxious and scared. You and your child will have fun learning about teeth together while we make sure they’re healthy too.  

Sloan Creek Dental For Pediatric Dental Care

Whether or not the child is scared of the dentist, kids are always excited to come back for their pediatric dental visit with Dr. Feng. She has a special way of connecting with children that puts them at ease right away. She does this by greeting each child by name as soon as he or she enters the room, talks to them in a way they can understand what is going on, and takes time before looking inside his or her mouth so they feel comfortable with the environment.

Her friendly, fun, and calm demeanor puts them at ease where they feel comfortable enough to open up more during treatment without feeling nervous. When you visit Dr. Feng and her team at Sloan Creek Dental, we are here to make sure that your child’s dental health needs don’t fall by the wayside.

Questions About your Child's First Dental Appointment?

Hey, moms and dads! If you have any concerns or question about your little one’s visits to the dentist, come visit us. As a family dentist, we always want our patients to feel comfortable and  welcome at our practice. Our priority is the health and well-being of your little ones. From their very first visit to yours, we are always happy to do whatever it takes for them to feel comfortable & welcome at out practice! If you have any concerns or questions about how they’re doing with us – don’t hesitate in asking!

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